About Me

Welcome to Footnotes 2 Stories. Our stories are connected.

One dictionary defines footnotes as “a minor or tangential comment or event added or subordinated to a main statement or more important event.”
Circles inside circles, a footnote is a jumping off point to further investigation and expanded thought and interaction. 
Footnotes direct readers to source material and my goal through every post is to challenge myself and others to keep learning and exploring till we are gone.
My Background
After years as a BSF Teaching Leader, I earned a Master’s in Media and Communication from Dallas Theological Seminary. Most of my adult life I have spent studying the Bible, which I see as the one reference story of human history. Everything else is a footnote.

In Dublin, Ireland––August 2016

These days, I spend time reading, thinking, observing and analyzing disparate ideas that relate to and lead to other ideas.

Nothing connects people to the fundamental truth of being human better than story. The Bible comes to us packaged in story, revealing the human connections that extend to all people at all times, everywhere.

People, places and prickly opinions populate my story footnotes. Come and see!




“Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events.

Small minds talk about people.”    Eleanor Roosevelt



My husband and me with our four grown children who each has a spicy spouse and a total of 11 children between them––July 4, 2016



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