The Prodigal Suitcase Comes Home

If my suitcase could talk, what would it tell me?

Would it tell me what happened that night 6 months ago when I let go of its hand(le)?

Would it tell me where it has been all this time?

Would it tell me whose fault it was that it got left behind?

Would it tell me when I messed up? When I took my eyes off this seeming extension of my right arm?

All speculation as to who, what, when, where and why fell to the ground yesterday when my long-lost suitcase made its way home.

What happened?

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On Daring Greatly: Starting Over


Daring greatly to start over, I attempt to post regularly on this site.

Why Footnotes2Stories? Why not a brand new blog title? Why move from my previous blog site where I have blogged since 2009 (albeit with intermittent posts and random topics)?IMG_4938_daring greatly

I believe our stories are connected. I have never turned loose of this idea from Frederick Buechner, who wrote:

“So in the long run the stories all overlap and mingle like searchlights in the dark.… And my story and your story are all part of each other too because … we are at least a footnote at the bottom of each other’s stories.” Secrets in the Dark

As I see it, every story whether long or short fits as a footnote to larger stories. The best footnotes pique interest. Footnotes can lead to primary sources. And who knows where a trail of breadcrumbs can lead the curious when following a story’s footnote?

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