Blogging is like fishing

imageWhile standing on the shore of tiny Blue Lake near Cuchara, Colorado, casting until my right shoulder screamed at me to quit, I thought how much blogging is like fishing.


I want to catch fish. Hmm, readers.

I am willing to work at catching fish. Uh, readers.

I keep baiting the hook. Trying to figure out what fish will bite. Umm, readers will read.

“It’s not the bait,” my husband says, answering my complaint. “I gave you the best bait.” He refers to spinner bait, which lets me cast and reel in again and again without troubling him to re-bait my hook.

Conditions warm, windy and whitecaps, so I tell myself the fish aren’t biting. And besides, I don’t see any fish. These underwater creatures elude me as much as readers in cyberspace mystify and confuse.

What can I offer to entice fish to bite? I have a lot of stuff in my bait box. What works for other fisher persons does not work for me.

“There are plenty of fish in there,” he says. And I grinch some more before moving to another spot.

Keep fishing or give up? How long is long enough to try? Is it worth the time and trouble and frustration to fish?

Er, I mean blog?

Does anybody know or care that I’m out here, slaving in 67 degree temperature, elevation 10,400 feet, trying to catch a fish?

Just one fish. Is that too much to ask? It’s not like I expect to make money fishing. Or even make dinner.

And then I reel one in. A fish. A shiny trout.

And I’m hooked.

Beau kept fishing till he caught one.

Beck caught the first fish.

Beck caught the first fish.


Fishing and blogging.

Turns out I love doing both.


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