More Jen Hatmaker and why I drove to Buda, TX Labor Day weekend

In September, the Launch Team for Jen’s book For the Love attended a party at Jen’s house. Yep, that same Big Family Renovation you may have seen on HGTV. Shazam!

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Emphasis on family. And community. And loving people because Jesus loves people.


Earlier in the day, Jen’s husband Brandon did what all great husbands do on party days. Yard work.


All things bright and beautiful, a picture-perfect Texas evening set the scene.

Jen showed up looking like Lorelai from “Gilmore Girls,” all boots and cut-offs––cute as could be.


The first person to greet me was Jen’s mom.

“Can I take your picture?” I asked.

“You need to be in it,” she said. As if I were some long-lost relative who showed up for a family reunion. And then she took me to meet the rest of her family.






There was food. Lots of food and beverages and desserts. A real Texas howdy to people who came from all over the country to show their love. And connect with people who had forged connections through a Launch Team Facebook group.

The book brought us together.


On sale at Costco

A Phenomenon

Advance readers connected to each other via Jen’s heart and Jen’s words. Her message cut a wide swath across differences, creating a safe place where people revealed deep needs and longings.

As of yesterday (October 26,2015), Jen announced that Target will not only carry FTL in stores and online, but with purchase (send in a copy of the receipt), you get adult coloring pages as a bonus. Target for bonus


Generous Jen stipulated that her advance readers got their names printed at the back of her book.


Jen is living her adventure. She has a big personality yet she eschews celebrity. Instead of looking for followers, I bet she is surprised to find herself leading so many others. Her tribe, she calls us.

All Smiles and Selfies

   IMG_0878IMG_0879  IMG_0910

So, is this the best picture ever taken of me? I hope not.

But it’s the best picture of me taken with Jen Hatmaker. So far. I guess I’m a fan-girl.



For the Love. This trip was worth way more than it cost me to get there.

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