Playing well with others


Contribute or criticize? Create or critique? Collaborate or alienate?

Just because something isn’t done the way I would do it doesn’t mean my way is the only way.

Or that my way is even the best way.

Although I must think my way is best or it wouldn’t wrinkle my skirt when someone does things differently.

Why do I even imagine everything needs to appear perfect, according to my standard?

Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her book Big Magic, quoting her mother, “Done is better than good.”

I wouldn’t go that far. But I do agree that when working with others Done is better than perfect.

Perfect exists only in the minds of procrastinators, dictators and critics.

After years of chasing perfection, I can still aim for excellence. But I have given up on perfect in favor of people.

Playing well with others while getting a job done matters more than than a perfect outcome, however that outcome might be perceived. There is no such thing as a perfect outcome anyway. Only a fleeting moment of ooo’s and ahh’s, if that.


Helping hands


There’s more than one way to do almost anything. Everything under the sun.

Play well with others, I tell myself, or play by myself.


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Stop and think about it.

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