Returning from Italy made easier

“When I was at home, I was in a better place. But travelers must be content.”                      

Shakespeare, As You Like It


5 indispensables: Travelpro luggage, Magellan rain jacket, Mosey cross-body purse, a good travel umbrella, and Salomon tennis shoes (not pictured here)

Before I left home, I was already thinking about my return trip. For that, I planned to check the 21″ Travelpro carry-on (base luggage).

Previously, I made a big deal about the luggage I took to Italy. Originally I thought only of a smaller carry-on item I could attach to my to my wheeled suitcase, preferably placed over the telescoping handle as opposed to a backpack or say, a Vera Bradley tote. VB sells a tote with the slip over the handle (trolley) feature and as a personal item, this will hold a ton of stuff. But then it’s heavy.

Plus, my cross-body purse, a jacket and miscellaneous items that I placed in a Baggu and the smaller carry on item needed to meet the 2 item limit imposed by AA. (That’s American Airlines for you. Other carriers have different stipulations, but AA gate-checkers are getting crankier and crankier about carry-on limits. And some people carry on enormous bags, but that may have something to do with AA’s charges for checked luggage.) Can’t we all just get along?

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