On Daring Greatly: Starting Over


Daring greatly to start over, I attempt to post regularly on this site.

Why Footnotes2Stories? Why not a brand new blog title? Why move from my previous blog site where I have blogged since 2009 (albeit with intermittent posts and random topics)?IMG_4938_daring greatly

I believe our stories are connected. I have never turned loose of this idea from Frederick Buechner, who wrote:

“So in the long run the stories all overlap and mingle like searchlights in the dark.… And my story and your story are all part of each other too because … we are at least a footnote at the bottom of each other’s stories.” Secrets in the Dark

As I see it, every story whether long or short fits as a footnote to larger stories. The best footnotes pique interest. Footnotes can lead to primary sources. And who knows where a trail of breadcrumbs can lead the curious when following a story’s footnote?

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