Blogging is like fishing

imageWhile standing on the shore of tiny Blue Lake near Cuchara, Colorado, casting until my right shoulder screamed at me to quit, I thought how much blogging is like fishing.


I want to catch fish. Hmm, readers.

I am willing to work at catching fish. Uh, readers.

I keep baiting the hook. Trying to figure out what fish will bite. Umm, readers will read. Read more

Celebrating the 4th of July in Cuchara, CO

IMG_0596Bob Goff (Love Does) says it’s better to be in a parade than to watch one. And I agree. The best memories are made by participation instead of observation. Better to be a participant than a spectator.

Displays of patriotism are alive and well here in southeastern Colorado where each year either people come for the first time or else return to watch or participate in the annual 4th of July parade in Cuchara.

This year, part of my family rode in our Jeep, which grandkids helped me decorate. From the Jeep, they threw candy to parade watchers who lined the streets.






James (Poppy) drove, dodging water balloons and mega-blaster water guns hoisted by spectators. It seems the tables have turned and spectators shoot at those cruising by the crowds. All in good fun, of course.


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