Dear Press, Give Donald J. Trump a Break Today

Inauguration Day linked to Election Day

The day after the 2016 presidential election, my daughter-in-law met my husband and me at Hobby airport in Houston, where our flight from Lubbock had just landed. She could not stop talking about the presidential election. She was energized and jubilant about the results.

“I cannot stop watching TV,” comparing, she said, coverage between networks CNN and Fox.

In spite of pundits, polls and media bias, Donald J. Trump won the presidency.

The outcome astonished everyone, including her. And me. I had convinced myself Trump could not win.

Remember this date, November 8, 2016, I thought. My dog Scout had been put to sleep on this Election Day.

Sadness, tears and thoughts of regret wound around the various reasons leading us to let Scout go.

Watching election coverage that night served as a diversion.

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