For the Love of Jen Hatmaker, even when she is wrong

Greetings, friends and followers of all things Jen Hatmaker.

I write to those of you who find yourselves disturbed by Jen’s recent, very public response to LGBT issues, specifically where she declared gay marriage “holy.”

My oldest daughter is Jen’s age. In fact, my daughter first introduced me to Jen’s writing, through which I gained respect for this writer’s humor, personality and slightly off-kilter take on ChristiaIMG_0895ns.

Jen has opened some windows and the church today needs the fresh air.

I write because Jen Hatmaker declares herself a Christ-follower. Like the rest of believers, flawed head-to-toe, she needs God’s grace every single day. And so do I. I will not condemn her, or gay people. Period.

But that does not mean I can agree with her theology.

Legal is one thing. Holy is something else. Read more

More Jen Hatmaker and why I drove to Buda, TX Labor Day weekend

In September, the Launch Team for Jen’s book For the Love attended a party at Jen’s house. Yep, that same Big Family Renovation you may have seen on HGTV. Shazam!

IMG_7210        IMG_0861

Emphasis on family. And community. And loving people because Jesus loves people.


Earlier in the day, Jen’s husband Brandon did what all great husbands do on party days. Yard work.


All things bright and beautiful, a picture-perfect Texas evening set the scene.

Jen showed up looking like Lorelai from “Gilmore Girls,” all boots and cut-offs––cute as could be.

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Jen Hatmaker’s “For the Love” Debuts Today

JenHatmaker4Meet Jen Hatmaker

After you read her new book, you will feel as if you know her. And you will think she knows you too. She knows what you are up against. She wants to help readers who find themselves “Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards.”

Jen writes the way a cowboy hero rides. You know, the good guy wearing his white hat comes to town to stand up to the ruthless cattle baron, that character who always wants more. More cattle or land or power over people.

Instead of letting people be defeated by the bad guys, Jen’s mission impossible is to free people everywhere from strangleholds of fear, perfectionism and competition. And did I mention guilt for not measuring up?

Jen says, “We measure our performance against an invented standard and come up wanting, and it is destroying our joy. No matter how hard we work to excel in an area or two, it never feels like enough.” Read more