My Taste of Italy Adventure

“We came to Rome because we’d always regret it if we didn’t, because every timidity eventually turns into regret.” Anthony Doerr, Four Seasons in Rome


I always say, A book is only as good as it is timely. This one was perfect.


Inside the Vatican, this ceiling is completely flat. Trick of the eye, or Trompe l’oeil as the French call it. This kind of painting appears all over Italy, turning flat surfaces into fake frescoes or scenes that appear 3-D.

All roads lead to Rome

Travel is about experience and personal experience is hard to share. Experiences, I have found, are not transferable.

Still, the traveler seeks to share his or hers anyway.

My adventure started and ended in Rome, only it’s not fair to say I actually saw Rome the first time through simply because I had to go through Rome in order to arrive at my initial destination.

But I wound up back in Rome before flying home. Read more